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What Is Rawphorialive?

Rawphorialive is a website that is aimed at helping people find reputable guitar lessons online and meant to educate those to take online classes rather than go to brick and morter stores for lessons. This site was created because I have personally taken guitar lessons both in a brick and morter guitar shop and online and the real skill came in when I was taking the courses online, because I was able to learn at a speed which suited me.

Who Runs Rawphorialive?

Rawphorialive is run all in house and all of the posts are meant to help each person in every city become aware that it is best to take guitar courses online rather than at brick and morter stores. On top of that, it is actually cheaper to take lessons online and you will learn a lot more anyway.

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How Do I Use Rawphoralive?

Rawphorialive is a purely education site meant to teach individuals in all cities that taking guitar lessons online is the better route. I recommend course I have taken as well as 3 book I read. With that being said, every page is the same so just navigate to the “cities we educate” tab and click on any city read about why i recommend taking online courses over having a physical teacher or you can click on “books and courses” tab to skip straight to the page that shows what courses and books I recommend to start learning guitar.

Here Is A Video Of What You Can Accomplish With Online Guitar Lessons